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M.V.P. Athletic Recruiting Package


- Athletic Résumé Composition
- Highlight Recruiting Video
- Contact With Coaches
- NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Centre
- SAT/ACT Preparation
- Transfer Insurance

All-Star Athletic Recruiting Package


- Athletic Résumé Composition
- Highlight Recruiting Video
- Contact With Coaches
- NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Centre

Pro Athletic Recruiting Package


- Athletic Résumé Composition
- Highlight Recruiting Video
- Contact With Coaches

Athletic Résumé Composition

An athletic résumé is what proves to a coach that you are capable of competing at the top level in your sport. It is comprised of past results from the best competitions and tournaments you've competed in, your best statistics from past seasons and teams, and showcases exactly how you've progressed in your sport. It is an extremely integral part of the college recruiting process, and could be what entices a coach to contact you.

Advantage Athletic will help you decide what to put in your résumé, and we will present it to coaches in an organized manner that makes it easy for a coach to see what sets you apart.

Highlight Recruiting Video

A recruiting video is often what coaches look for first when scouting a recruit. It allows coaches to get a closer look at the technical capabilities of an athlete, and helps coaches to project how an athlete might fare in college sport.

Advantage Athletic will work with recruits to create the most effective recruiting video, therefore giving our athletes the best chance of getting noticed. We will record all of the required shots, as well as edit the footage into a clean and attractive video to showcase the athlete's talents.

Contact With Coaches

A difficult thing for recruits is having the connections to get their résumés and video seen by coaches and recruiting coordinators. Not only do we have those connections, but we will assist our athletes with interacting and responding to coaches emails, ensuring our athletes are putting their best foot forward.

NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Centre

For an athlete to be eligible to play sport in the NCAA or NAIA, they must go through the NCAA Eligibility Centre or the NAIA Eligibility Centre, respectively. There is a long list of questions that athletes must answer to confirm eligibility, as well as having the required classes and grades from high school.

Advantage Athletic will assist our athletes in determining their GPA's, ensuring all required core courses have been completed, as well as sending in transcripts to the eligibility centres. This is a process that families often have difficulty with when going through the process by themselves. By using Advantage Athletic, you can rest assured that the proper steps will be taken for our athletes to be eligible when it comes time for them to go to school.

SAT/ACT Preparation

The Student Aptitude Test (SAT) and American College Test (ACT) are often what colleges and universities use to determine whether or not to accept a student to attend their school. As well as schools using a students SAT or ACT scores, both NCAA and NAIA eligibility centres require minimum scores for either the SAT or ACT test to be eligible for competition.

Advantage Athletic will give our athletes the necessary resources to excel at their testing. Higher test scores on the SATs or ACTs will make athletes more enticing for coaches to recruit. Higher test scores may also bring higher scholarship percentages in the form of academic scholarships.

Transfer Insurance

Transfer insurance is something that is unique to Advantage Athletic. It holds us accountable to our athletes and their families, giving them reassurance that we are doing everything we can to find them the best program for their needs.

Transfer insurance comes into affect if an athlete attends a school and decides that the school isn't what they were looking for. If the athlete is interested in searching for a better fitting program (getting a transfer), we will assist them requiring no further compensation. We offer transfer insurance to our athletes because we want our athletes to have the best possible experience in college. If it's not what they expected, that is partially on us, and we want to have an opportunity to make it right.



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